231. “Can I brush your hair, MaMum?”
“Sure, Sweetheart!”
“I’ll make your hair beautiful for Dada. So you can dance with Dada.”

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It’s concrete day!!! Yippee!

It’s concrete day!!! Yippee!

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#fmsphotoaday Day 4. What you read. Excited to find a @dunkindonuts with a drive-thru on a frequently traveled route! (Taken with Instagram) Thu, 4th Oct — 0 notes

228. “I love sheep and cows and rabbits and cows and rabbits … all that kinda stuff.”

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227. “Wait a minute. I have to go pee-pee by myself. Wait here MaMum. I do it by myself.”

Um, okay!

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226. “Stop Huck! You’re making me nervous!” from our 3 year old this evening … bwahaha!!!

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225. Popcorn, or “pa-kern” at her request.

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224. A good, soaking rain.

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223. “Where’d you get that Tinkerbell game on your phone, MaMum?”
“Hmm, I don’t know, honey.”
“Oh, maybe Walmart.”
“Yes, maybe Walmart.”

I’m fairly certain by her analysis we get everything from Walmart!!!

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222. A super productive baby-prep weekend - and the exhaustion that comes along with it.

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221. About Mason, the one year old at day care, “He’s just a little tiny guy!”

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220. “I’m tryin’ to watch my fa-dur, MaMum.”

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219. “Just open your blue eyes, MaMum.”

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Waking up … this 6:30 am business is for the birds!

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A sign of summer … cold brew iced coffee starts TODAY! (Taken with instagram) Sun, 27th May — 0 notes